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Smart Lock Installation Service

When it comes to smart lock installation service, Triton Locksmith has been providing high-smart lock installation service near mequality security services to home and business owners throughout the county. Every member on our team is certified in a wide range of locksmith techniques with many having vast experience working for other companies like ADT as well! We work closely together to ensure every customer’s unique needs are met by implementing an effective solution that perfectly suits them – not just one size fits all when it comes down protecting your house or office from intruders who want nothing more than trouble makers

In addition we offer 24/7 service so you can rest assured knowing someone will be there no matter what!


Our Smart Lock Installation Service Will Make Your Life Easier & More Secure

Standard locks and keys have been the gold standard for centuries when it comes to home security, but they’re far from being alone on this list. There’s no need wait around though – there are plenty of other options available today such as smart locks, keypad locks, access control and many other WiFi compatible locks!

The future is now. After our smart lock installation service, all you need to do open and app or press one button for instant access into your home! Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives – so why not use them as key parts in making life easier at night? These high tech devices can protect us from intruders by sending notifications when someone tries breaking into via phone charger cable wirelessly connected through Bluetooth Low Energy technology right onto the screen where we see who’s coming up behind door handle before opening it themselves.

Triton Locksmith gives you the opportunity to purchase locks from many different brands and styles, as well as have them installed by one of our experts. You can rest easy knowing that your home will be protected with smart technology for years – all thanks in part because we take care not only about its security but also how it feels on a day-to-day basis!

While smart locks are super convenient and effective solution to upgrade the security of your home or business, though you may get overwhelmed with choosing te right smart lock for you. It all boils down to the functionality and budget that you are looking for. Here is a short video of a smart lock we frequently install for some of our customers:

If you are in a need of smart lock installation service you came to the right place. Simply give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have about smart keyless locks and everything that pertains to their installation. 

8 Reasons Why You Shoul Get A Smart Lock Installed:

You Dont Need To Remind Your Kids & Others To Lock The Door!

Smart door locks can be set to automatically lock the door on its own. Whether you prefer the door to lock after 1 minute or 10 minutes, after you set it up, you’ll never have to worry about someone locking the door behind them. 

Your Fingerprint Can Now Be Your Key

Depending on the lock you choose, many come with a fingerprint option that you can register multiple users that will be able to open the smart lock with a simple touch.

Doorbell Camera Compatibility

If you already have a Nest device installed, it may be a good idea to install a compatible device such as the Yale Smart Locks which operate on the same app and no additional apps will be required. Also, we can istall the Lockly Vision which is a smart door lock that also has a camera!

Inability to copy your key code

Many of the newer smart locks come with a simply function that scramples your greasy fingerprints. The lock will propt you to touch at least two additional buttons before you punch in the code in order to conceal the pattern of the actual entry code.

Backup Port Or Key

Many models of smart locks are completely keyless therefore, they do have a backup baterry port where you are able to attach an external battery just in case the batteries run out. Other smart locks have a keyed entry as well so at the event where the batteries run out you can simply use the key that has been provided with the lock.

One Touch Door Locking

You can easily lock the door from the outside with a simple touch with your finger. That is of course if you did not set up automatic locking. Which if you did the door will lock itself automatically after the designated time frame you assigned to it.

Temprary Codes

Lets say you have a cleaner or a contractor that you would like to grant access to when you are not at home. You can simply grant them access through the app, or you can assign a temporary code that will automatically delete itself after a given period of time. This makes it super convenient if the property its being used on is for short term rentals such as airbnb rentals.

Makes Your Life Easier

Having a smart lock installed on your property will take away the burden of constantly having to worry about if your door is locked, worry about locking yourself out or forgetting to leave a key for someone. With a smart lock installed you can have the peace of mind of security and comfort.






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