Triton Residential Locksmith

Are you in the need for a residential locksmith? If so, you came to the right place. Triton Residential Locksmith technicians are trained and certified in many home locksmith needs such as lock replacements, lock rekeying, lock repair and installation and much more. If you are in need for a same day or immediate service, call us now at 561-515-8621 and we will send one of our residential locksmith to your home.

What does a residential locksmith do?

Well, there are many reasons as to why you might consider hiring a residential locksmith. Here are some of the home tasks provided by Triton Locksmith:

Lockout Service

Many of us have been in this situation, you rush, you do not pay attention and you close your house door behind you not realizing you left your keys inside. If you are stranded and you are unable to get into your own home call a Triton Residential Locksmith. Our home lockout specialists have been trained in order to be able to pick open almost any lock! Of course, there are some locks which are pick proof and bump proof and other methods are required in order to get the door unlocked, however we have over 90% success rate at house door unlocking. When calling Triton Residential Locksmith you will always be provided with an accurate time of arrival and we always provide our customer with flat rates before doing the work so there are no misunderstandings. We always strive for satisfaction and will always provide the best and most affordable service possible when it comes to getting you back into your home.

Lock Rekeying

First let’s go over what lock rekeying is, since some are not even aware of such procedure. In layman terms, lock rekeying means changing the tumblers inside of your lock cylinder and providing you with a new set of keys.

Why would one require a lock rekeying service?
There are many reasons as to why we perform this service. As an example, if you just purchased a home and it needed some work so you hired contractors to fix up the place to your liking before you move in. You handed out the keys to the contractor, all the work was done and the place looks beautiful, but the key went missing. The locks on the door have been replaced by the previous owners and there is no need for you to get new locks for the entire house, the best way to go about it, is to get all the locks rekeyed.

Lock rekeying is done on site. You don’t need to take off the locks and bring them to us. We will perform the task in your home. So for the fraction of the cost of a decent lock you can get the tumblers changed and have a brand new combination and a set of keys, so you do not have to worry about the contractor who misplaced your house key.

Lock Repair

Over time locks get damaged and may require some maintenance. Yes if you are handy and own the right tools for the job, you can attempt repairing the lock on your own or you can hire us to fix the problem for you. Whether you have a lock that you purchased at a local hardware store for a bargain or a sophisticated biometric Wifi lock that works with Alexa, we can repair them all.

Lock Replacement

Looking to upgrade the locks at your home? We can do it for you. We carry locks for any budget and security level. From simple door knobs to Medeco and even electronic locks, we are able to install any of them. It became quite popular to install locks on your home that work with voice search engines such as Alexa and Google assistant. Triton Locksmiths are able to install and program any residential lock of your liking and merge them all to work together. So whether you want a high security Medeco or a Mul T lock, a simple 5 pin deadbolt or a Nest door lock, we are here to help you install it.

Mailbox Locks

It happens quite often that one will misplace a mailbox key. After all they are tiny and easy to lose or maybe you just are not willing to take the chance that the previous mailbox owner still has access. Triton Locksmith technicians will travel to your location, take off the old mailbox lock, install a new lock on the mailbox and provide you with a new set of keys. Call us today and we will provide you with same day service.

Sliding glass door repair

A part of our residential locksmith services is repair of patio doors. Yes we can absolutely repair or replace the sliding glass door lock, but we also can provide you with replacement of the rollers of the sliding doors, track repair and replacement and any adjustments you may need. After all, a sliding glass patio door is still a door and we do feel obligated to know how to repair them. So if your sliding glass doors require more than just a push of a finger to open or close, if they are getting jammed or if they do not lock, give Triton Locksmith a call and we will solve all of your door problems!

As you can tell Triton Locksmith technicians are well rounded and knowledgeable in any aspect of residential doors, locks and keys. If you are experiencing any problem with any of the issues mentioned above, please feel free to give us a call and we will send one of our technicians to your home and solve all of your lock door and key issues.

FAQ For Residential Locksmith Services

How much does it cost to get a locksmith to unlock your house?

There is no straight answer to this question since there are thousands of different locks. However, a standard basic lock picking will range between $75-$125. Prices may vary between locks and their security levels, but here at Triton Locksmith we are strong believers in upfront pricing, and with choosing us to unlock your doors you will always know the total cost before we proceed with service.

How do locksmiths open house doors?

There are several methods of opening house doors and the most common one is lock picking. The Hollywood movies make it seem way too easy, but it is not quite that simple at times. A locksmith that has been trained properly will most likely unlock your home by picking the lock within a simple pick set.