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Triton Locksmith is a proud resident of Mission Bay, and to those who are in need of a locksmith Mission Bay Boca Raton, we are more than happy to help! Being a local and mobile locksmith services allows us to keep our prices low, and arrive at the service location quicly. If you are in need of immediate locksmith service give us a call at 561-524-8500.

Why choose Triton Locksmith as your service provider for Locksmith Mission Bay Boca Raton?

First and foremost, one of our owners lives in Mission Bay and we can probably get to you super fast! Additionally, Triton Locksmith is known as a local and trustworthy locksmith. For those who have used locksmith services in the past, some may have encountered uncomfortable situations where they have been taken advantage of. We can assure you that by choosing Triton Locksmith you will be treated professionally and you will be provided with straight answers in regards to the service being performed as well as the cost of services.

If you are in need of a locksmith right now, or would like to make an appointment or just ask a quistion, call Triton Locksmith at 561-524-8500 or click the button below to call us.


Avoid The Dispatch & Middleman Scams. SaveYour Money!!

If you went online and searched for a phrase like “locksmith near Mission Bay Boca raton”, clicked on an ad and called looking for a locksmith service, you probably came across some brokers.

These “lead generation companies” will sell of your information for a commission from the job, which will result in higher cost of services for you! (Often 50% or higher than a independent local locksmith).  If your talking on the phone with a representative that is unable to answer your questions, tries to obtain your name, address and phone number quickly, just to brush you off the phone, and says “only the technician can give you the final cost”, you are falling into a trap that can end up costing you hundreds of dollars!.

Here at Triton Locksmith we are local, we do not sell off your information to anyone for commissions, we always provide you with a flat rates, and you will always speak directly with a locksmith that can answer any question you may have.


Triton Locksmith Services

We provide a wide range of locksmith services to Mission Bay Boca Raton and the surrounding area. Here is a list of the most common locksmith needs we get called out to;

Automotive Locksmith Mission Bay Boca Raton

Automotive locksmith doesn’t only mean unlocking cars. We provide a wide range of automotive locksmith services. Here are some of the most commonly used services:

Car unlocking: Yes, many of us have done it! I even did it at a job site 🤦‍♂️. It is easy to get distracted with what you are doing, it only takes a phone call, heavy rain, a dog pressing a button or a child screaming for attention. The reason why you are locked out is irrelevant, what is important is that a Triton Locksmith can arrive at your location in minutes, open your car with no damage whatsoever, and not break the bank! If you are locked out and in need of immediate lockout service give us a call to 561-524-8500 and we’ll send one of our lockout specialists over to you right away!

Car key replacement: A lot of people are under the impression that when they lose their car keys, they need to go to the dealer. It may be the case for some makes and models of vehicles, but most can be done by a locksmith. Our car key replacement technicians are thoroughly trained in making car keys from scratch, even if you lost all of your keys! We are equipped with some of the best and latest equipment that is needed to reproduce car keys. If you are not sure as what to do when you lose your car keys, simply give us a call at 561-254-8500 and speak directly with a licensed car key locksmith.


Car key programming: Cars have evolved quite a bit in the last 20 years. Many cars require to have a programmed key in order for the vehicle to start. Our automotive locksmith technicians have the tools that are required to program almost any car key. So whether you bought a key from Amazon and need us to program it to your car, or you need us to provide the key and program it, we can do either one. It’s always best to contact us and provide us with the year make and model of your car in order to get the most accurate car key programming cost.

Ignition lock repair & replacement: Many people will turn to their mechanic if the key does not  turn in the ignition. Please don’t do that! Though car mechanics are experts in many aspects when it comes to car repairs, but hiring a locksmith will be your best bet when the ignition lock cylinder is stuck and your key does not turn. We are able to repair and replace many ignition lock cylinders. If your ignition does not turn and you suspect that the lock cylinder has gone bad, give us a call, explain the problem that you are having, and we will send one of our technicians to diagnose and repair the issue. 

Commercial Locksmith Mission Bay Boca Raton

Lockouts: You never really think about what would happen if you were locked out of your place. This can be a very uncomfortable situation for both the customer and employees, which is why it’s essential to have an experienced locksmith at your disposal who knows how important this service truly is!


Lock repair & replacement: Triton Locksmith Boca Raton technicians are here to help you with all your locks and door hardware needs. We can come out for consultations, install new panic bars or magnetic lock doors on hospital rooms as well upgrade old handles if they aren’t working properly anymore!

Haven’t had any problems until now? Don’t wait another day and wait for an emergency to arise. Call us and we will repair or replace any locks or hardware you experiencing issues with.


locksmith riviera beach by triton locksmith

Lock re-keying: Lock re-keying can be an option for facility management if they believe there has been a change in staff or ownership. It entails replacing the tumblers of each lock with new ones and then fitting another key that will only work on those specific locks, which allows you to keep your hardware but loses access via old keys no longer function as intended. You also have master keying options where one single “master key” opens up every door.

Door repair: Triton Locksmith Boca Raton is a well-established locksmith company that provides commercial door repair services. They cannot only rejuvenate old and tired aluminum doors, but also restore them to perfectly functioning conditions with our state of the art equipment for any type or style you have!
The most common reason why your entryway might need some TLC? It may be due an issue inside one specific component: The panic bar (or other hardware). If this part becomes damaged over time then there will eventually come failure during use which could lead into larger problems down the road

Residential Locksmith Mission Bay Boca Raton

Residential locksmithing is a crucial service for many homeowners. Whether you need to install new hardware or replace damaged parts of your current system after an accident occurs at home there’s no better person than our team! We offer high-quality workmanship with competitive pricing so don’t hesitate any longer – call us today!”


Door unlocking service: In a world where people are constantly on the go, it’s important to have an experienced locksmith who can get you back in your home quickly when something goes wrong. Triton Locksmith Boca Raton technicians typically arrive within 30 minutes or less of any lockout incident throughout Palm Beach County so give us call if you are locked out of your home.


Lock repair & replacement: When you need to fix or replace locks on your home, don’t hesitate to call us! Our team of professional technicians will be happy with any explanation about what is wrong and can offer affordable solutions that best suit each individual situation. We carry many different types of locks which we can provide. If necessary we can even install new high-security systems such as smart combination devices for resolute protection against intruders as well as a more modern and comfortable way to access your property. Smart locks are perfect for rental properties!

Mailbox Lock replacement: People often think that they need to contact USPS in order to get a new key for their mailbox, which might have been the case many years ago. Nowadays, you either can do it yourself or call a locksmith to get the job done the correct way without damaging the mailbox itself. Here at Triton Locksmith Boca Raton we carry several different models of mailbox locks which we can replace on the spot and provide you with a new set of keys. 

Sliding glass door repair: The solution to your problem is only a phone call away! Chances are, you need an expert in sliding patio doors. Triton Locksmith Boca Raton technicians have been trained for all types of repairs including those on stuck or hard-to open patio doors. We can replace rollers and tracks; fix locks as well if necessary—and even add extra security measures like double bolt locks that prevents burglers from being able to lift the sliders off the track and break into your property!

We Provide Locksmith Services To The Following Boca Raton Neighborhoods

Boca Keys
Boca Marina
Boca Oaks
Boca Raton Hills
Boca Raton Riviera
Boca Raton Square
Boca Sailing Racquet
Boca Villas
Boca West
Boniellos Acres
Camino Gardens
Camino Lakes
Carriage Hills
Carribean Keys
Charleston Place


Boca Keys
Boca Marina
Boca Oaks
Boca Raton Hills
Boca Raton Riviera
Boca Raton Square
Boca Sailing Racquet
Boca Villas
Boca West
Boniellos Acres
Camino Gardens
Camino Lakes
Carriage Hills
Carribean Keys
Charleston Place

Fieldbrook Estates
Florida Fruit Lands
Fox Landing
Golden Harbour
Hidden Valley
Horseshoe Acres
Kinney Gates
Lake Rogers
Le Lac
Le Rivage
Les Jardins
Library Commons
Long Lake Estates
Lotus Boca Raton

Mission Bay
Mizner Lake Estates
New Floresta
Newport Bay Club
Old Floresta
Palm Beach Farms
Palma Vista
Paradise Palms
Royal Oak Hills
Royal Palm Forest
Royal Palm Polo
Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

Santa Barbara
Spanish River Land
Sun & Surf
The Estates
The Oaks
The Preserve
The Sanctuary
Thornhill Mews
Town Place
Tunison Palms
Walker Cay
Winding Lakes
Woodfield Hunt Club

Whether you need a simple service such as a lockout, a complex multi door access control system, or an emergency car key replacement, Triton Locksmith Boca Raton technicians are always ready to assist you in any scenario. Call us now at 561-524-8500 and we will send a licensed locksmith to your location.


Triton Locksmith serves the following cities in Palm Beach County:

Atlantis ​Lake Worth ​Riviera Beach
Boca Raton Lantana Royal Palm Beach
Boynton Beach North Palm Beach Tequesta
​Delray Beach Palm Beach Wellington
Greenacres Palm Beach Gardens Westlake
Jupiter Palm Springs ​West Palm Beach

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