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Need a new Key Fob Replacement?

Triton Locksmith & Car Keys technicians are key fob replacement specialists. Whether you are stranded in a random place and unable to leave due to a lost key fob, or just need a spare key fob for your vehicle, we are able to provide you with a new fob for your vehicle in no time. 

Back in the days, you would simply take your key to a locksmith shop or to the hardware store to make a copy, nowadays, it is a bit more complicated since most new car keys are push-button start or a remote key. The car manufacturers have made key fobs to assist us and make it more convenient, therefore make it easier for us to operate our vehicles.


Why should you hire Triton Locksmith for your key fob replacement needs?


Besides the fact that we are key fob specialists, we are also locally owned and operated. When you contact us we do not sell your information to some random person that is not even a locksmith and broker the job out, which also means a more affordable service and personalized assistance.

Locally Owned & Operated

Reliable Service

Affordable Rates

How does it work?

It’s quite simple, call us at 561-515-8621 and provide us with the needed information such as 

Name, phone number, address and the year make and model of your vehicle. Right away you will receive a quote of the costs involved of making a new key. Unlike most of our competitors who will avoid providing you a rate for a car key replacement, we pride ourself on honesty and we will give you the exact rates over the phone, unless a more complicated process is needed such as module programming or coding which we still will provide you with a round about price. 


How long does it take for a key fob replacement technician to arrive at my location?

That will depend on the traffic at the time of the call and the location of the vehicle. Normally, one of our car key locksmiths will arrive within 30 minutes or less.

If you are wondering who can make a replacement key for your vehicle, you are at the right place. Triton Locksmith key fob replacement technicians will help you obtain a new car key for your vehicle on the spot.


Types Of Car Keys, Fobs & Keyless Entry

Basic Car Key – This was the norm many years ago, and even now there are still some vehicles that are operated by a standard key. Simply put the key in the ignition and start the car. These keys are normally just metal or they have a plastic bow which is where you hold the key. They are not equipped with a transponder chip.

Transponder Key – Since 1995 many cars in the United States introduced the transponder system, which is a security measure to prevent car theft. Transponder keys are among the majority of car keys out there and most vehicles are equipped with it. If your key has a black bow (the part where you hold the key) it may have a chip in there that allows the car to start.

Remote Keys – It is literally what it says, a remote and a key in one. Some have the blade sticking out like you will see in many Honda and Toyota vehicles and some flip out like the newer GM models. These remote keys are also equipped with a transponder as well as a remote attached to them. 


Key fob with remote – The early days of key fobs will look like a remote that locks and unlocks the vehicle, an upon entry to the vehicle, you will require to put the key into a slot in order to start the vehicle. Some will require you to turn the fob like the Chrysler, Dodge and Mercedes – Benz.

Key Fobs and Keyless Entry – These newer fobs will have a proximity sensor that does not require you to press the unlock button. You can simply come close to the vehicle and the car will detect the signal from your key fob and unlock the door. For the most part the vehicle that are equipped with a key fob are also push button start, so all you have to do is enter the vehicle with the key being in your pocket, jacket, puse or anywhere within close range, press the start button and your key fob will allow your vehicle to start.

Key Fob Replacement Cost


The cost of a key fob varies depending on the vehicle. The internet makes it easy to purchase a key fob on Amazon, Ebay or any other site. Key fobs can range anywhere from $50 to $400 depending on the fob. Though, remember that these key fobs will not magically start your car; they do need to be programmed. Our automotive locksmith specialists are thoroughly trained in car key programming and we are also equipped with some of the best and more sophisticated key programmers available. 

OEM vs Aftermarket Key Fobs

Most dealers will push for you to get the service done at the dealership and will require you to tow the vehicle to them so they can make a key fob for your car, because they want your hard earned money. Whether you need an OEM or an aftermarket all depends. Most aftermarket key fobs are way cheaper than an OEM. These key fobs work great, and last just as long as an original key fob you would get from the manufacturer. However, some vehicles will require an original key as an example a 2015 Infiniti Q50 or a 2019 Subaru Outback require an OEM key fob for it to program. Things might change in the future and a certain company might make an aftermarket key fob that will work with no issues at all. 

Dealer vs Triton Locksmith for key fob replacement

Many people don’t even know that a locksmith is able to provide them with a key fob replacement service and they go straight to the dealer, which is often much more expensive than calling a locksmith. By calling Triton Locksmith & Car Keys for key fob replacement not only will you save money and time, you also do not have to tow the car anywhere. We come to you and provide you with a replacement key fob right on the spot! 

Key Fob Replacement Shells 

Due to wear and tear, the key fob may still function but the casing of it may be in a bad condition. Often, the remote keys get damaged and the key part falls out and you can no longer start your car unless you improvise with a pair of channel locks or something. Replacing the casing or as we call a “shell” is a lot more cost beneficial than replacing the entire fob as long as everything still works. It is done quickly and on site.

Keyfob Replacement Tips


  • Make sure you have at least two key fobs at all times. If you lose one the second fob will come in handy and you will not be stranded. Additionally, to make a spare in most cases is more affordable than a replacement since we are able to copy the information from the existing key.


  • When getting a key fob replacement, you should get an additional fob. We already did the hard work and it is always easier and cheaper to make an additional copy.


  • Avoid going to the car dealer since naturally it is a lot more expensive to get a replacement key fob from a dealer opposed to a locksmith. 


  • If you plan to buy a key fob online, feel free to contact us for information about programming and costs involved. 

Call us now and we will send out help right away.