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Triton Automotive Locksmith is here to assist you whenever and wherever you need us. When you are out and about doing what you do best, being locked out of your car or having any car locksmith issue can take a big toll on your day. Triton Automotive Locksmith technicians can help you save the day. Our car locksmith technicians are always mobile and are always ready to assist. With multiple units out in the field, we are able to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us now for a free consultation.

Automotive Locksmith Services We Provide

Car Unlocking

No matter of the time of the day or night, you can count on Triton Locksmith to arrive at your location and get you back into your vehicle FAST! If you are locked out of your car and need assistance fast, the best way is to pick up the phone and dial (561) 515-8621 and we will send out a lockout specialist to your location immediately.

Trunk Unlocking 

Some people will say “well if you unlock my car, i can press the button and the trunk will open”, well that is incorrect in some cases. Some vehicles such as Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and even some Kia go into lock-down mode after the car is unlocked and the key is required in order to get the trunk opened. Luckly, Triton Automotive Locksmith technicians are equipped with the tools and the training that is required to get your trunk unlocked even if the vehicle is in lock down mode.

Car Key Copy

Many customers prefer ordering their keys online and go to the dealer to get the keys cut only to find out that the dealer will not cut or program keys that were not bought from the dealership itself. Triton Locksmith is not the dealer. You can purchase the keys from us and we will cut and program the keys for you, or you can order the keys online and we will cut and program the key that you already bought*. Whether you own a 1967 Ford Mustang or a brand new Lexus, we are able to make a duplicate key for you.

Car Key Replacement

Replacement and copy are two different things. If you have lost all of your car keys, you will need a replacement key. Triton Automotive Locksmiths will come to your location and make a brand new key for you. I know what you think, not only the dealer is able to do that, we can too! Anything from old models to brand new smart keys we have you covered. Avoid the dealership’s high price tag. We are cheaper, quicker and more reliable, WE COME TO YOU! There is no need for you to get the car towed, it’s just extra money you will need to spend, not to mention the time off work and a few hours at the dealership, remember time = money. So save your time and money and call Triton Locksmith for any car key replacement needs.

Car Key Programming

Bought a key online? Need a new key programmed? Triton Automotive Locksmith technicians are able to program most models of keys. From the domestic Ford, Chrysler, GM.. to VW Lexus BMW and even Mercedes-Benz. We are equipped with some of the best and latest car key programmers available in the market today. If others tell you “NO, we can not” give us a call chances are that we are able to help. We pride ourselves in our ability to program almost any car key. Call us today and get your key programming with Triton Locksmith.

Ignition Repair & Replacement 

Ignition lock cylinders are used multiple times per day and they are bound to damages. If you find yourself in a situation where you sit down in your car all set and ready to go, but.. Your key won’t turn the ignition and now you are stranded. Don’t worry, Triton Automotive Locksmith technicians can repair the ignition lock cylinder for you. Many different makes and models of vehicles can have different issues that may cause the ignition not to turn. Once one of our automotive locksmith specialists arrives on site and diagnoses the issue, we will be able to determine whether the cylinder needs to be replaced or it can be repaired, either way we are able to get you out of the jam.

Whether you are locked out of your vehicle and need to get back on the road quickly or you lost all of your car keys Triton Automotive Locksmith can help. We are available around the clock and will always strive for the best customer experience possible! Call now and speak directly to an automotive locksmith specialist. 



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