Automotive Locksmith Greenacres

Automotive Locksmith Greenacres

Triton Automotive Locksmith Greenacres is a locally owned and operated car locksmith service. If you are locked out, need a replacement key made, car key programming or any type of automotive locksmith related issue, Triton Automotive Locksmith is here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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Safe and Reliable Car Locksmith Services By Triton Locksmith

Greenacres Florida is located along the state’s southern Atlantic coast between West Palm Beach to the north and Boynton Beach to the south. The land on which the city now sits was originally farmland that was purchased by a Colorado farmer in 1910, and for much of the 20th century, it remained largely undeveloped and agricultural. Now, the area is much more developed, and tourism is the significant economic driver, though there are still plenty of natural areas nearby for those who prefer outdoor recreational activities to urban ones. Triton Automotive Locksmith Greenacres FL is proud of providing locksmith services to the city of Greenacres FL and all of it’s approximately 40,000 residents. If you are in a need of an automotive locksmith service give us a call now.

Average Automotive Locksmith Costs in Greenacres FL

Car Lockout / Unlocking Service: $75 – $119
Trunk Unlocking Service: $75 – $119
Car Key Replacement: Start at $149 (will depend on year make and model)
Car Key programming: Start at $80 (will depend on year make and model)
Ignition Repair Service: Start at $149 (will depend on year make and model)
Motorcycle Key Replacement: Start at $175 (will depend on year make and model)

Why call an automotive locksmith?

There are many reasons why would someone need a car locksmith in Greenacres FL. Perhaps you were putting your golf clubs back into your vehicle and one of the bags had your car keys in it and you managed to lock the keys inside the car. Another scenario can be that you completely lost the keys to your vehicle and now you are stranded. Triton Locksmith is able to help you with any automotive locksmith related issues.

Automotive locksmith services we provide in Greenacres FL

Car Unlocking Service

If you managed to lock your keys in the car we can help. We will have one of our lockout specialists with you within 30 minutes or less. There are several ways to get a car unlocked, of course we can jimmy it however the more efficient and quicker way is by wedging the door and using a pull / push rod to get the door opened. It is 100% safe and there will be no damage done to your vehicle.

Trunk Unlocking Service

In some vehicles, once you unlock the car doors without the key, the security system of the car will shut the access to the trunk. At the event where the keys are locked in the trunk, it might require several more steps such as removing the door lock and disabling the security system or using a scanner to complete the process and in some cases a new key is required. It all depends on the car’s security.

Car Key Replacement

When searching for an automotive locksmith Greenacres, you want to ensure that whichever specialist comes to you also has the capabilities of making car keys. It happened to us many times before that we were called out to a location to unlock a vehicle but the keys were missing. Triton car locksmith Greenacres has the necessary equipment to make you a brand new key from scratch on site.

Car Key Programming

Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with a transponder chip. Those chips are located in your key and they provide additional security to your car. Those chips must be programmed in order for the car to start. Triton automotive locksmith Greenacres mobile units are equipped with some of the best and latest car key programming equipment, and we will provide diagnosis and key programming on site.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Whether your cars’ ignition lock cylinder is not working properly or at all due to a malfunction or an attempt of theft, our car key locksmiths will resolve your issue. When you contact Triton automotive locksmith Greenacres you should know that all of our field technicians have been thoroughly trained in ignition lock cylinder repairs. We will make almost any car ignition work again properly, of course if the damages are irreversible we will replace it but we understand that parts and labor is expensive and we will do our best in order to fix the problem and save you money.

If you are inquiring for a service that is not listed above feel free to call us at 561-515-8621 and speak directly to an automotive locksmith technician which will answer any question you may have. Call us now and save your time and money by choosing Triton Automotive Locksmith Greenacres FL.

We provide our automotive locksmith services to all of the following zip codes:

33413, 33415, 33454, 33463, 33467